We Have State Of Art Manufacturing Facility Spread Across A Half-Acre Land A Place For Superior Machines And With Advance Technology Are Run By Well-Experienced Operator. We Have Dedicated Department For Design And Quality Testing.

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Fume Scrubber plants

  • February 16, 2023
We have state of art manufacturing facility spread across a half-acre land a place for superior machines and with advance technology are run by well-experienced operator. We have dedicated Department for Design and Quality testing.
Started in 2004 with a vision to innovate, forward towards the technology-oriented ecosystem and to nurture the customers with efficient manufacturing solutions.
Complete cable-manufacturing solution based on the customer requirement from Pay-off machine, plating machine, Drier, Take-up, Fume Scrubber, Annealing machine and Extruder.
Complete solutions:
Coptigo Tech Team

Specialized in Fume Scrubber plants:

  • Scrubber material: PP, SS
  • Fumes types: All acid and alkaline fumes
  • Capacity: Based on requirement
  • Operation: Manual/Automated pH controlled