We Have State Of Art Manufacturing Facility Spread Across A Half-Acre Land A Place For Superior Machines And With Advance Technology Are Run By Well-Experienced Operator. We Have Dedicated Department For Design And Quality Testing.

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Annealing Machine:


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To achieve the highest level of satisfied customers in the industry by providing them with

  •  Unparalleled products
  •  Customer service
  •  Superior quality
  •  Continuous improvement
  •  Highly competitive price
Operating manuals and Training to operators to maintain the machine wisely.
Coptigo Tech Team

Specialized in Annealing plants:

  • Production Diameter (MM): Φ0.1-Φ0.6
  • Max. Speed (MPM): 300
  • Pay-Off Method: Pay-Off With Hairbrush
  • Annealing Method: Tubular Annealing
  • Annealing Length (M): 4-6m
  • Spool Dimension (MM): As Per Requirement